Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tidy Tuesday

The past three semesters I've been in school, my house has been sorely neglected. Not sure if you've ever shirked your chores for four whole months, but let me tell you - it's not pretty. Of course the husband and boys can help out a bit, but I'm sure I don't have to explain that it's just not the same.

Now, lest ye think that I keep house super well when I'm not in school, here's the truth: I do not. I hate housework like most others, it makes me grumpy. But I can usually stay sort of  on top of it due to the fact that I'm very good at organizing and throwing things away. We just don't have a lot of stuff. And that's my secret. But really, I keep things tidy way better than I keep things clean, if you know what I mean. 98% of the time I'd be horrified if you walked into my house and saw my kitchen floor.

I'm trying to change that. I know the main reason my house gets so neglected - whether during the semester or not - is because I look at it as one big (HUGE) chore instead of seeing it as many little tasks. And when does anyone have a 49.3 hour block of time to get it all done at once? So I usually just say "later" and don't feel too badly because I fully intend to do it later. But later never comes, now does it?

Luckily, I'm not the only one who struggles with this. My good friend Lisa and I have devised a plan to stay on top of it so that it doesn't stay on top of us. We will be using Clean Mama's housekeeping schedule, tweaked to fit our personal needs, and then try to stay motivated by blogging about it every Tuesday. Clean Mama has some very good ideas about how to keep your life organized and efficient, and Lisa and I have combined her daily, weekly, and monthly schedule into one concise document. If you go to her monthly schedule, and to Lisa's schedule, you will see that some of our tasks differ. For example, my house is so small that I don't need two days to clean my light fixtures or windows. And I don't even have a pantry or a dishwasher. But there are plenty of other things that I need to do that aren't on her list, like clean my gas stove burner plates, wash my walls (I have two boys!), and launder my shower curtain (Again, I have two boys. And they spray. Never mind.). So her schedule is a really good place to start and easily altered to fit your personal needs.

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Dishes                      Laundry                         Stove                       Dust edges/corners
Dishes                     Laundry                      Stove                           Wipe doors/knobs   
Dishes       Laundry        Stove               Sofa quilt 
Shower curtain
Dishes   Laundry     Stove             File papers
Dishes             Laundry                 Dust      
 vacuum/wipe vents
Dishes                     Laundry                        Dust                               Dust fixtures/fans
Dishes      Laundry          Dust        Cabinets
Dishes             Laundry          vacuum          
 vacuum edges
Dishes                    Laundry                 vacuum                       Clean fridge
Dishes     Laundry   
 vacuum windows           
Dishes   Laundry vacuum       Catch-up
 Laundry Sweep/Mop      
 Wash baseboards
Dishes                      Laundry         Sweep/mop                  Clean freezer
Dishes     Laundry Sweep/mop Mirrors
 Laundry Sweep/Mop Walls
Dishes             Laundry      Bathroom            
Wipe switch plates
Dishes                    Laundry              Bathroom                  Clean microwave
Dishes       Laundry Bathroom    Trash cans
Laundry Bathroom
 Boys' room
Dishes              Laundry             Linens                  Oven              
Dishes                    Laundry                    Linens       Washer/Dryer
Dishes     Laundry      Linens    Bedroom
Dishes  Laundry   Linens            Car

There are certain things you won't find on here because they are daily chores for my boys. They have their own schedule, posted on the fridge - oh, they are so happy about that! And I see that I didn't put "pick stuff up" on here... hopefully that's a given:/ Also, Mondays are my very busiest days, so that's the day I get to slack off on all this boring stuff and do... homework! Yay! (Not really yay.)

So, if you find that you're in need of a bit of motivation to get your dirty work done, please join in! Post anything pertaining to tidiness (or lack thereof) on Tuesdays and let me know.  And make sure to follow along with Lisa, too - her house is much bigger than mine and she has, I believe, 38.9 pets at last count and a full time job. So if she can do it, anyone can.

(She doesn't really have 38.9 pets. She's not that weird.)

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