Thursday, May 9, 2013

Your Mom Goes To College

The semester is over! Oh my word - like a bad song on the radio, I thought it would never end! But it has at long last, and now I hardly know what to do with myself. Never has a girl been so excited to do housework and laundry - anything as long as it's not studying! These are all my notes from the semester...

Good grief, right?! This is how much more information is now in my poor little brain. At least. And yes, my 4.0 is still intact, need you even ask???

And just in case you're wondering if I'm ever going to post about quilting again - or actually finish a WIP - here's something I've been working on slowly (get it? haha) all semester.

It's now my #1 priority until it's done and shipped off to the most patient girl on the face of the earth. So hopefully I'll be sharing a picture of an actual finished quilt within a week.

I also have tons of quilty plans for the summer - fingers crossed that I somehow morph into a different person and actually follow through=) Because nursing school starts at the end of August and I have a feeling that it's not going to be very quilter-friendly.