Thursday, February 6, 2014

Birdie Pillow

This is a little birdie pillow cover I made for my mom. It's a modified version of a pattern by Sandy Gervais called "Soul Mates." I basically just made the tail more poofy because I like poofy tails. There are a few "shoulda, coulda, wouldas" on this one, like quilting inside the bird - maybe a wing or something - and inside the tail. But I was pressed for time and [insert several more lame excuses here]. I also never got a pic with the pillow insert inside, which made it much cuter.

This fabric is Ravena by Dear Stella and I bought the whole line to make a quilt for my mother. But Christmas and her birthday came around and I decided to go ahead and use some of it to make her a throw pillow. Not sure when I'll get to the quilt... I've already had the fabric for a year! Oh my word, what I wouldn't do for some better time management skills. The Skills Fairy must have been all out of that one when she was sprinkling Candy Crush and Pinterest skills on me.

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