Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Day

It's been snowing since Tuesday here! I live in the South where everything shuts down if one snowflake is spotted - we just don't have the equipment to clear all the roads in a timely manner. This is the boys' third day home from school, and even my classes got canceled today, so yay! I've been cleaning a lot, trying to clear a spot in which to sew. Because look what has come in the mail: a bit of Spring on this snowy day!

 Briar Rose by Heather Ross. Yes, I know most people are over it, but I'm usually a year or two behind when it comes to new fabric lines. I spotted it a few months ago and have really been in the mood for springy prints, so I'm loving it.

And this is Country Girls by Tasha Noel. I'm so in the mood for Spring that I actually passed up the navy and pink palette for the green and white.

I just love the geese, barns, and little girls. I'm not sure if I can honestly say that I'm a true country girl, but I did used to live on a farm as a child - where I worked in the gross chicken houses in my knee-high rubber boots and woke up before dawn every morning to bottle-feed my pet calf, Blossom. And then later as a teenager, I had two more pet cows. I was scared to death of Beverly, but I actually milked Lashes for a while after her calf was born. So I suppose I'm not a complete charlatan.

And this is Beautiful Garden Girl by Tea and Sympathy. I think this is fresh off the press so I'm actually not behind for once. Not the usual fabrics I'm drawn to, especially with the panel, but I really do have a serious case of Spring fever. Plus, the panel has a girl with her bunny rabbit, so I couldn't pass it up.

I need another WIP like I need a hole in the head, but I don't think I'm going to be able to say no to all of this Springy goodness.

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