Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Break Fun, Easter Fail

For Spring Break, I took the boys down to Florida to visit my sister in law and her family, and we got to meet its newest member, Sally.

The boys loved her...

especially this one.

When we got back home, I put a little baby shower together for my other sister in law whose little Liam is still cooking. I'd never made a diaper cake before and was surprised at how easy and fun it was!

You might be the mother of boys if... a snake skin is the favorite find of an egg hunt.

"Eggs rock." (My husband's initial reaction to this little set-up.)

It's been a busy couple of weeks. Lots of sewing, crafting, shopping, traveling, fast food (ugh), family, fun, messes, drama, chaos, a few all-nighters, and two terrible sunburns. And it all ended with me completely dropping the ball on Easter Sunday. I needed to keep up the pace for one more day to pull off a good Easter celebration with my boys by taking them to church to worship our risen Savior, the very reason for the holiday and all of its festivities. But... I crashed. It was an epic mommy fail. I shouldn't be so hard on myself, though... the boys enjoyed a day with their daddy, who gave them their Easter baskets, while I replenished the grocery supply and caught up on all of my lost sleep. C'est la vie.

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Pieces of Cotton said...

Eggs rock? Groan...

Love the diaper cake though.