Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Tube

I'm still alive and well, just preoccupied with school. I figured if I had some free time, it'd be better to sew than to blog about not sewing. I have been trying to sew more for my own house, just little things here and there, so today I decided to make a grocery bag dispenser. I looked at several tutorials, but ended up just winging it.I decided to go with my yellow scraps...

with an orange scrappy strip.

I see some old fabrics in there! I can't believe I still have some of that Katie Jump Rope, that's my favorite.

I even lined it, which took some brain-twisting and recalling the few purses I made a million years ago. My mind just doesn't think well in 3-D.

Here it is with bags in it, just in case y'all couldn't imagine what that would look like. ;) Yeah, I know, it's just a tube with a handle, but hey... I finished something. That's big for me.

This is something I started a couple months ago for my jewel-toned dining room. Not sure if it will be a table-runner or what, but I always love having a hexie project going.

I made this pillow out of my High Street charm pack for my aunt's birthday.

And these blocks are for a secret quilt with a Christmas deadline that I seriously need to be working on, instead of making tubes with handles for myself!

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Pieces of Cotton said...

I love all those yellow scraps together!