Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Turtle Quilt

When I said it would be done "within the week" in my last post, what I really meant was "in two months". So I'm right on schedule. ;)

I had quite a few issues with this quilt, but somehow I pushed through and ended up being happy with it. It's finally done and shipped off to its new owner. 

I love the bell-shaped tortoise shells! I got my inspiration here.


The center of the block on the right is an old Amy Butler print. It is my favorite fabric ever! I have about three yards that I'm hoarding for a very girly quilt for myself one day.

 I like the quilting around the letters on the back.


I don't like how the turtles don't stand out very well. But, like I said, I had some complications with this quilt, including some design dilemmas, and eventually I just had to make a decision and move on.

I love the blocks very much! I wanted to branch out from my usual off-centered concentric squares... but apparently I couldn't, and now I'm glad. 


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