Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Zombies, Run! And so do I...

Apparently, the only thing that gets my booty into a good exercise routine is having a husband who is into one and shaming - I mean inspiring - me to tag along. And, as it turns out, the only thing that gets HIM up and moving is a hungry zombie horde hot on his heels.

No, the zombie apocolypse is not yet upon us (much to his dismay). But there is an iPhone app called Zombies, Run! that gets you in shape as you run errands and gather supplies for the compound, all while evading zombies who chase you at unexpected times. There are actually two apps - the training program to start getting you in shape, and then the actual game that turns you into a runner. We are doing the training program first. Not much story to go along with it, but still interesting enough to get you excited about the upcoming game. And trick you into thinking that you're "Runner #5" in the post-apocolyptic Abel Township where survival is your main objective, rather than the horribly unfit, if-I-had-to-actually-run-for-my-life-I-would-totally-die person that you really are.

Zombiesrungame.com. Cute and motivating husband not included.

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