Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

I finally got the house in order for our guests. I didn't finish everything on my list - like getting the rest of the trim painted and finally putting the light switch plates back on, which have been off since we moved in in August. We just ran out of time because, frankly, I dragged my feet this week. Oh well. It was still a very nice Thanksgiving Day and now my house is clean enough to start decorating for Christmas.

Well, ok, I'm not gonna lie. I still haven't washed all the dishes or picked up after yesterday. I woke up this morning and my cold had gotten worse, my voice is completely gone. So I've been taking it easy in Dreamland. But as soon as I feel a bit better, I'll catch back up and then we'll be set to decorate:)

Although I want to be positive and discreet, I have no desire to sugar-coat my life on this blog. Yesterday was not perfect. There are a couple of very painful things going on that sort of loomed over our heads and threatened to steal my joy, as they do almost every day. I was thinking this morning about how the Holidays just get more and more difficult every year as life continues to throw things our way and bury us deeper and deeper in stress and grief. It seems that every year there is one more person missing, or one more person hurting, or one more thing to worry about. But I guess the key is to stay focused on the good and choose to be grateful for all the beauty, love, laughter, and blessings that are all around us. The negative things cannot be ignored, we are human and real life is hard. But I think the bad can at least be balanced out with the good if we choose it.

And, come on, how could one NOT smile all day with this fuzzy-headed little nephew to hold and squeeze and kiss?!

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